Monday, April 13, 2009

Running and Fishing

This past weekend I ran the Ie-jima half-marathon. It's my last of the season, I promise. I went to run with some friends, but they were scared I would be too fast so they opted against my company. Fortunately a guy from Zamami was there with the goal of breaking two hours, so I ran with him and we beat the goal by two minutes.

[those are not drops of sweat, but rather bubbles in my skin - it was really hot]

Sunday morning at 4am I woke up with my friend, Vaughn, and we drove north to a port where we met five others who I'd organized for a chartered fishing trip. We went 25km offshore for 12 hours of fishing, which was 11.5 hours too long for two people. But the rest of us combined for about 70 tuna and bonito. We had a good time with a Japanese captain who did a great job keeping us on fish all day.

[Vaughn with a fish on, Kerri standing by with the net]

[me with a fish in - these little suckers put up a nice fight, and taste extremely good]

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