Monday, April 27, 2009

Shellfish Collecting

One of the great things about the Japanese school system is the time allotment towards out-of-school activities. Today at Geruma we partook in something Okinawans have been doing for thousands of years: picking shellfish off the exposed reef during a minus tide.

[carpet of coral]


Wren said...

Are the shellfish for eating or because they are harmful to the coral? Did you get any to bring home and eat? Did they show you how to cook them? We want more details!

Dave said...

Sorry! The shellfish are for eating. I found a couple but I am not interested in bringing them home to eat, so I passed them along. I've eaten them a few times and they are so-so. Pretty chewy. Sort of a lot of work for how little you get. Like putting in 100 hours of fishing for one 50lb. fish...
For cooking, I think they just boil them?