Thursday, May 21, 2009


Along with 13-hour kayak-based fishing trips (two Saturdays in a row) come breaks on beaches. I don't stop on beaches without scouring them. When I get to faraway islands - places where I will likely be the only person to visit this year - I stop at every beach and take my time. But I've brought home a lot of useful crap in the last year, so I'm ever more selective about what I'll pick up. Something I find myself doing is upgrading previous finds. My 14 garden containers, rain water collection buckets, and compost box came from the beach. Two weeks ago I found a fantastic bucket fresh off a fishing boat and two solid plastic crates that I brought home so I could 'trade up'. Here are some my more unique/useful finds this year:

[all of these from last Saturday - this is about a quarter of my scavenged fishing float collection]

[these are more rare than you'd think from reading my blog, but I seem to keep finding them: one each from the last two Saturdays]

[yep, a {mostly} air/watertight bottle full of instant coffee! If guests won't drink it, I'll gladly use it in occasional recipes]

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