Sunday, May 3, 2009

えんそく (Field Trip)

We had Wednesday and Friday off from school and nobody wanted to have classes on Thursday, so Geruma wisely planned ahead and had a field trip scheduled. We crossed the bridge to Fukaji, then busted through the gates at the airport and followed the runway down to a trail.

[We took a trail off the end of the runway down to this beach, where we stayed all day]

[First we (they) cleaned the beach (and this garbage did actually return to Geruma for proper disposal)]

[Then we fished. The rest of the day. (I didn't fish, though, because I am elitist about only catching big fish)]

[Hiromi, the new English teacher. She held this pose all day and only caught one fish. She's a champ]

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erin said...

your life is filled with beautiful beaches and adorable children. not bad...