Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zamami's New Mayor

Overshadowed by Sunday's marlin fishing trip was Zamami's mayoral election. The man who was predicted to win won. He is the father of two of my favorite Zamami students and husband to the woman who sponsors my Naha food orders, so I know their family well. I don't know how he'll do as mayor, but I know I want to write him a letter (in Japanese!) about some aesthetic improvements Zamami could make.

The election ended at 8pm and the counting was done around 9:30pm. I happened by Satoru's house when the results were being read. The old mayor gave a speech and there was much uninhibited jubilition by his campaign. The new mayor then immediately left to take a boat over to Aka to thank them for voting for him.

I tried to ask what the vote count was, but the girl mistook my question for "how much money should I contribute as congratulations?" She forwarded the question to Yukibo-san, the boat captain. He said "no worries, our contribution is the marlin!" (Another point for fishing!)

[a marlin-full of sashimi]

[work's not going to be any fun for these guys tomorrow]

[really I just went to take pictures of the marlin - oh, but the old mayor is rear-left and the new mayor's father is rear-right. Both congratulated me, but I'm not sure why]


nchan said...

ahhhhh the marlin looks ridiculously 美味しそう!!!

Dave said...

ahh it was 美味しかった。there is so much marlin from the past few weeks i have been eating it every night. and will be for at least another five days just to get through what's in my fridge. then i start on the freezer (unless we catch another..).
(nchan = naomi?)

nchan said...

yeah, sorry - nchan is naomi. ^_^

Anonymous said...

デーブさんはサシミが好きで良かった(よかった)ですね!アメリカ人もカリフォルニアやニューヨークの人達はサシミを食べることにこだわりがないみたいだけど、MIDWESTERN STATESの人達は、やっぱりサシミなどの生魚や焼き魚を毛嫌い(けぎらい)する人達が多いですよ。
デーブさんは焼き魚なども、よく食べるのですか? 私の経験(けいけん)では、アメリカ人が一番好きな日本食(にほんしょく)は、カレー、焼きそば(やきそば)、ギョーザです。これらの料理(りょうり)を作ると、アメリカの人達は残さず(のこさず)に食べたうえに、おかわりまでしましたよ。(^~^)デーブさんって、かわいいですね!