Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Diving For Treasure

Last Monday I went fishing after school. I kayaked around the west side of Zamami to the point where I caught the big Giant Trevally last year. I wasn't really expecting to catch anything because I never really catch anything, but I had a 15-20lb. grouperish-looking fish come up and slam my lure. I probably could've controlled it easily by cranking down the drag, but since I saw the fish and knew its size I thought I'd let it put up a fight. Big mistake because these bottom-dwellers go right back down and hide under something. In this case a coral head, which the fish promptly attached my lure to and disattached himself.

And this is when a GT fisherman swears at himself for using 65lb. test line, a 200lb. test leader, and hardware that is all rated at a minimum of 330 pounds. I am not going to break any of that by just pulling from a kayak. While I was surveying my options I came up with a brilliant idea. I would have to cut the line, but if I could find something to tie the line off to that floated, I could come back later and dive for the lure. So I emptied my water bottle and tied it off with about 6-8' of extra line. Then I triangulated my position based on landmarks and took off.

Wednesday I went back but the current was too strong to let go of my kayak for too long. Ditto Friday. Bad weather all weekend kept me away until I finally decided to try from shore yesterday.

[my lure was somewhere on the bottom 40m off that point way out there]

I went at low tide and was able to walk 3/4 of the way around the bay before entering water and snorkeling the rest. But between the 10' swells (a typhoon is in the area) and the strong current, things were a little tenuous. The water bottle was gone with the high swells and I was having trouble triangulating, but suddenly I spotted a lure 5m off the bottom. It was the same make as my lure, but a different color and I thought for sure this was another fisherman's loss. I dove down 10m, grabbed it, then surfaced and discovered it was in fact my lure.

On the return trip I had a curious turtle swim circles around me, coming within a meter. I also saw a Bluefin Trevally, Rainbow Runner, grouper, lobster, and whitetip shark. Quite a good snorkeling trip!

[me and my $50 lure - definitely worth going back for]


Anonymous said...


学校(がっこう)の後(あと)で、一人(ひとり)でカヤック(Kayak)を漕いで(こいで)、ザマミ島(Zamami Is.)の西海岸(にしかいがん west coast)に行った(いった)の?
アクシデント(accident) にあったら、あぶない(=危険:きけん)ので、充分(じゅうぶん)に注意(ちゅうい)してね!! 

Suteki na anata e :

Imouto ka koibito ka tomodachi ni naritai no, yume dakara, yume dakara, totemo koe ni dashite ienai・・・. (妹か 恋人か 友達に なりたいの、 夢だから 夢だから とても声に 出して 言えない・・・)

Watashi : Se ga hikui, sukoshi hutori gimi, kao ni jishin nashi.
dakara kikanai dene・・・・・.

Anonymous said...

Dave san.

Okaeri nasai. Sabani(boat) race ni itte itano desune.

Yappari・・・, kawaiku nai to dare karamo aite ni shite morae masen ne・・・・.

Mushi sareru nowa narete irukeredo, yappari kanashi idesu ・・・・・.

Hito kara busu to yobaretemo, yappari suteki na hito ni akogare masu.

Demo sorewa, watashi niwa zeitaku na koto nanokamo shiremasen ne.

Tottemo kanashii desu・・・・.


Dave said...

なみだ (おなまえ?)、
it's easier for me (and better practice) if you write in hiragana/kanji. maybe easier for you, too?