Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My computer died last night while writing up a blog post. Google searches haven't yet returned any solutions that work. It looks like a trip to a service center might be next. I get to figure that out in Japanese and also hope the price of fixing doesn't exceed the worth of the computer.

In the meantime, I think blog posts will be fewer. I won't be able to use pictures as I don't have easy access to the archive nor do I have a place to store any photos from here forward.

Fortunately I have all my photos backed up on an external harddrive, and I updated it just last week.


erin said...

That sucks! Hope for a lady at the computer fix-it place and then use your famous Clumpner charm to try and get the price knocked down a bit...

Wren said...

You could always make blog posts the old fashion way: using a pen and paper.

Anonymous said...

ブログの写真もさいこ~う!!!あなたも最高よ~!!!  デーブさん、大好き~~!!!!

Dave said...

erin, if only you'd committed to my computer last week..

wren, yes. maybe my blog writing will improve now since i have so much down time to think about posts..

anonymous, もいかい:あなたはだれですか?あなたはどこですか?

Dave said...

oh.. and anonymous, ありがとう。:)