Friday, June 5, 2009

Sam's Cup (billfish tournament)

You may remember a pretty fantastic story from last year about the marlin tournament. It is upon us again. Today I got the afternoon off from school because we'll leave at 1pm to head to the Okinawa mainland. I assume we'll do some shopping this afternoon, then we have the opening party tonight. As the defending champions I will have to give the English side of our speech.

Tomorrow the tournament starts at 6am and we will be heading out on the dot after sleeping on the boat tonight. We'll fish until dark tomorrow - close to 8pm, then we'll be up again at 4:30am on Sunday to reach our point at daybreak. The tournament closes at 6pm so we will have to make it back to the mainland by then for weigh-in, assuming we have enough fish to make that trip worthwhile.

My last class today ends at 12:45pm. I have to run to the post office to hopefully pick up some marlin lures that are due to arrive in the mail, then I have to go home to change and repack my bag, then hurry to the boat by 1pm.

がんばってます!(good luck to us!)


Anonymous said...

寝不足(ねぶそく)で気分(きぶん)が悪(わる)くならないように、気(き)をつけてね!! あまり無理(むり)をしないでね!! 大好き!!

nchan said...

umm....when am i visiting you again? ^_^