Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Right Choice

After my last post, where I spent much time discussing the rip-off entry fee and only one sentence mentioning the women who came to Zamami, Wren made an apt comment about my priorities not being in order. But I got them in order on Sunday, a day I could choose between hanging out with all the skinny, fit swimmer girls at the beach or going marlin fishing with three guys.

I will always choose fishing or hunting over girls. Arguably there is no season on girls (though, if they only come to your island once/year, arguably there is a season) like on fish and ungulates.

It was the first marlin fishing trip this year [that I've been on] that we didn't touch a single fish all day. Our consolation prize was getting into a pod of these:


Wren said...

Not encountering any fish all day is fate's way of telling you something about your decision making skillz. I'm just saying...

Dave said...

Not hooking up with any girls on Saturday was fate's way of telling me to go fishing.