Monday, October 12, 2009

The Weight of Food (..and the People Who Eat It)

Saturday I went out to a Mexican restaurant near one of the military bases. It was notable, if fair, that the Japanese girl whom I was with received a Japanese menu and I received an English menu. We switched, to flaunt our skills.

After only a couple bites of my enchiladas, I really noticed the heaviness of the meal. Yeah, it had rice and beans, but it was also loaded with meat. I ate the whole plate (which was a bit small by American standards) but felt like it was too much. When leaving the restaurant, I was not happier for having sated my Mexican food desires.

Sunday we went out to a Japanese restaurant where I ordered a grilled chicken breast that was on a salad, accompanied by miso soup and rice. This meal was a good bit smaller than the previous night's, but it was perfect for me. While I was eating the greenery and light rice, I thought about how Japan has changed my tastes. I have adapted to preferring the lighter, smaller, nibbly meals to the big, heavy American dishes. Needless to say, I was in much better spirits after my Sunday meal.

When I arrived in Japan I remember being frustrated at how small the meals were. Now I've reversed and I marvel at the size and makeup of American portions. (And it feels great!)

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Cliff said...

I hear you. I'm worried about my return trip in December, cause I know I will be eating a LOT of Mexican, but I also know I will feel like a complete lard after every meal. You are exactly right, the food is so heavy.