Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2010

I received this email today:


Congratulations! You have been selected to run the 2010 Tokyo Marathon.
To secure your place, simply access the URL below to arrange payment
of the entry fee no later than 30 October 2009.(Japan time)

There 272,134 people who applied to run this year's Tokyo Marathon, but only 32,000 are selected (and that is a deceiving number because over a thousand of those slots go to guaranteed entries). So the odds are slim (1:8.5) and quite a bit slimmer of doing it two years in a row. How did I do it? I am not Japanese. There is an unspoken rule that if you are a foreigner and apply on the English side of the site you are guaranteed entry.

The race is February 28, 2010.


Lee said...
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Lee said...

hi dave!
congrats on tokyo marathon 2010. i got selected in the lottery too. i think too that guaranteed entry for foreigners might be true. i saw that jtb is selling marathon tours overseas for tokyo marathon 2010. interesting, huh. zamami -- what a beautiful place. would love to swim there since i am a triathlete. if you want to look me up, do a search for lees bread. this will be my second tokyo marathon, the 1st time i applied on the jpn language site of tokyo marathon. this time i applied on the english site since i am an american.