Thursday, October 15, 2009

Japanese Toughness

Something I like about Japan is its lack of manliness. In America it seems like men are always looking over their shoulders to remind themselves to be tough. Sure, men and women have distinct masculine and feminine roles in Japan, but men here don't feel the need to have big trucks, homophobia, and attend car races to seal any question about their gender.

No, in Japan we don't have monster trucks driving around on the streets. We have the opposite: the Pajero Snoopy Edition:

[the Pajero is an off-road vehicle, Japan's version of 'tough']


Anonymous said...

Hello, Dave-san.
I am a gay Japanese man who idealize you as my potential boyfriend.
I'm not sure if you like a young cute Asian man.

Some of my gay friends mentioned about your blog that you are cute and 優(やさ)しい American young man.

I'm a cute young gaisen(外専:外人専門)gay man. I hope I can meet you by the gaydar.


Dave said...

Sorry.. I like girls!