Friday, September 18, 2009

"Centenarians Club Now At Record Levels"

[Edit: typo fixed. Thanks Vaughn.]

Okinawa is known for old people. When a 115-year-old woman in L.A. died last week, an Okinawan stepped into "oldest living person" status (I checked Wikipedia and she leads second place by seven days!). Here is a news story I found on today about Okinawa's centenarians:

The oldest woman in the world is 114, and she lives in Okinawa, one of 928 who’ve achieved entry to the Centenarians Club.

It’s a record number, says the Okinawa Prefecture Aged People Welfare Nursing Care section, adding that the number has been growing every year since 1972. Not only is the world’s longest living person an Okinawan, but the oldest living man in Okinawa is Makachi Nakanishi, a 107-year-old living in Urasoe City.

Another two people are 111; they live in Okinawa City and Yonabaru Town. Another three are 110, five are 109, five are 108. Interestingly, says the prefecture, all are women. Governor Hirokazu Nakaima plans to hold a ceremony honoring all centenarians, presenting both awards and presents. The activities are slated during next week’s Respect for the Aged national Japanese holiday.

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