Thursday, September 17, 2009

Geruma Undokai (Sports Day), 2009

When I started learning eisa drumming 1.5 years ago, I had a goal of eventually participating in Geruma's Undokai. Geruma is such a small school that the teachers are required to do the eisa dancing so there are enough people to make it meaningful. There's something to be said for learning the songs and participating with the school, but there's also something to be said for not sitting on the sidelines during all the practices and rehearsals. The experience was great and I am glad I spent all the extra time - the last week of my summer vacation and nights in my apartment practicing along to videos - to be a real member of Geruma's Undokai this year.

The videos below show the four songs we performed, including the entrance at the beginning. Unfortunately the memory card filled up during the last song. There's a lot of video here and I don't recommend watching it all unless you are my parents or you really like this stuff. I recommend videos two and/or three as my favorite songs.

During video two I'm in the center position. In video three I move to the camera-right side of the circle and work towards the camera. In video four I'm the adult closest to the camera.


emima said...

nice movies! eek!

Anonymous said...


I want to see your eisa performance. When can I see it?

Dave said...

Thanks Emina [for videoing]!

Anonymous, the next performance is at Zamami Matsuri on October 10th. It's probably our biggest of the year.
Also performances on November 21st and 28th.

Anonymous said...


I would like to see you performing eisa with taiko.
I wonder if your friend Bern/Burn(?) could make a video during your eisa performance. That would be so exciting !!!

Dave said...

Anonymous, Vaughn is planning to come out for Zamami Masturi so I will ask him to take video. But he's going to want to know who you are.. so who are you?

Anonymous said...


I'm a just your blog's fan.
I like you and your friend Vaughn.
You and Vaughn are trying yourselves to blend Japanese life.

I see many English speaking people in Japan just taking their advantage being caucasian looking but not learn Japanese language/custom/culture etc.
You guys are great !!!

Please don't ask me further question.
I don't want someone who read your blog think I'm an anti-American.
I like Americans but many times I'm disappointed their attitude just having a good time in Japan.
I'm sorry that my English is not good enough to explain myfeeling.


nchan said...

cool, dave! i just started taiko drumming classes here in minneapolis three weeks ago. it's pretty fun. :)

Son of Higashi said...


Don't worry - I'll take plenty of great video for you. And thanks for the support. We love it here!

-Vaughn (son of higashi)

Anonymous said...

To Dave and Vaughn,

Thank you very much!!!

I saw Vaughn's blog too. I didn't know that Vaughn also performed eisa.
Vaughn, you looked valiant.
You should post your eisa video on YouTube too.

Two American men perform TRADITIONAL Okinawan eisa !!!
Dave and Vaughn, you guys are GREAT!!!

Son of Higashi said...

I would love to post a video, but unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to record for me. We also danced at night, so the video would not have been dark.

But check back after the Zamami Matsuri!

Dave said...

Anonymous, your English is great! (Far better than my 日本語!)

Can I ask you one more question: Where in Japan are you?