Thursday, September 3, 2009

Palau - The Kayak Trip, Part Four

At our next camping spot we were sitting there when a coconut fell from the sky. This inspired Vaughn to open it. While he went to work on the dead coconut, I went to work climbing a tree with live coconuts. The green coconuts are always better for drinking because they are sweet, though their flesh is soft and jelly-like. The water inside the older, brown coconuts has a less refreshing taste, but the flesh is harder (and what grated coconut comes from).

The other advantage to green coconuts is that you don't have to husk them (though you can) to get in. You only need a sharp knife to carve off the [right] end. Vaughn did a remarkable job with his first coconut. Usually people get frustrated and throw them against things, which doesn't really help.

[more sharks perusing the offerings]

[Moorish Idols are so pretty - and even prettier in January when they school together by the hundreds for spawning]

[Giant Clam City didn't disappoint]

[our camping spot - few rats here, but there were monitor lizards!]

[All of the island beach stops have composting toilets, which are the most feasible idea for their remote locations. They work really well, too, with almost no odor (except for one)]

[Ready for the sun]

[my kayak]

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