Monday, September 7, 2009

What Happens When You Hook a Shark From a Kayak?

I woke up on the last morning at 5am to go trolling outside the reef. I was trolling through the channel, getting close to the reef's edge when a fish hit. I had two poles out so it was a challenge to reel in the extra line while also fighting a fish. Once I got that all squared away I reeled in the fish, only to realize it was a shark. I pulled it up alongside the kayak and tried to wrestle the hooks out of its mouth with my split-ring pliers, but the shark went crazy and pulled my [$39!] pliers overboard. I quickly developed Plan B, detailed below:
(The videos are 2:43, :33, and 7:20 long. Nothing much happens after the 5-minute mark of the third video. Oh, and the speculation I offered at the end of the second video is exactly what I did.)

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Cliff said...

Those are some wicked videos, dude.