Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Palau - The Kayak Trip, Part Last

The benches and the dog were provided free-of-charge at Ngemelis. Our breakfast was another huge pot of oatmeal with raisins and honey and some potatoes we'd cooked the night before over the fire.

Oh, and my tongue was still combative with hard-textured food, so Vaughn worked on our s'mores ingredients.

This is why you should question marketing. This water is bottled in Koror, perhaps one of the furthest points in the world from a glacier. Palau's water comes from rain that backs up in a dam. Glaciers have about as much to do with Palau's water as penguin pee. Heck, this water isn't even sold refrigerated. But it would be less appealing if it just said "Water" wouldn't it?

We kayaked to a popular lunch island and were let down when no Asian groups came in to barbeque (and presumably offer us some scraps). We did, however, run into a Japanese group and since we like flaunting our Japanese we talked to them way too long. We put ourselves in a bit of a predicament to make it to the island where our return trip was departing from. But we put our heads down and paddled hard and came in with about 10 minutes to spare. Oh, and after kayaking 20-some miles through the Rock Islands from Koror to Carp Island, we were required to wear life vests for the boat trip back.

But the life vests turned out to be our only warmth when we struck this, our first [real] rain on the whole trip. This was a 3" in 15 minutes kind of rain storm.

And then we were back.. Next up, the second first-born ceremony!

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