Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Tokyo Marathon Certificate

I received my Tokyo Marathon certificate in the mail yesterday:

Of note is that my overall net time has been adjusted one second faster to 3:07.07.  My age group (30-34, men) ranking was 177th out of 3,445 runners.  My overall place was 1200th of 34,660.

My half marathon time, which is also my new personal record, was 1:31.43.  That means my second half-marathon time was 1:35.24, which is only 43 seconds slower than my 4th place finish at Tokashiki three weeks earlier.  My fastest 10k (the first) was 42.56, but unfortunately that includes a minute+ in 'crowd dispersion time' at the start.

In comparing my splits to last year, every single one is faster (avg 20-30 seconds per 5k).  The second 5k is the real standout, though, at 21:14 - or 1:16 below pace.  Apparently I flew between 5k and 10k.


Laura said...

Nice work, once again, Dave

Mom said...

Good job. It's a nice way to end your Japanese running career!!