Thursday, March 15, 2012

Geruma Baking

In the last lesson of the year for Geruma's 5/6th grade class, we made cinnamon bread and pizza.  I have had sort of a bad week, so I was really not into the lesson at first, but the kids pretty quickly brought me out of my bad mood.

[the two sixth graders and the fifth grader]

[it was fun teaching them that measuring for bread doesn't need to be exact - it goes against everything they know just 'sort of get it close']

[their favorite part was measuring the flour, which was me pouring flour into their bowls out of the bag.  I taught them there that you can't use an accurate flour measurement because it is a certain consistency you're after and you just keep adding flour until you get there.]

[kids are kids everywhere - eating the spilled cinnamon sugar]

[the teacher brought a bag of corn, which is a popular pizza topping in Japan.  But the bag turned out to be mixed vegetables - she made the kids use them anyway.]

[they asked what we do in America for pictures (in place of the peace sign)]

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