Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last Saturday my neighbor told me of a rumor he'd heard that I was moving to Geruma island later this month. I took it as a joke, but then he pressed and said I needed to go talk to the Board of Education.

I checked with the English teacher on Zamami the next day and she confirmed she'd heard the same thing: that I had to move because there are too many new teachers coming to Zamami this year.

After a very stressful Sunday wanting information but not having any sources, I went to the Board of Education Monday morning to get the story. They seemed like they were expecting me, which was odd because they'd made no attempt to communicate with me, but I went into a meeting with the two big bosses. They explained that the teachers' housing, where I have lived for the last four years, belongs to the prefecture and is designated for prefecturally-employed teachers. I am employed by Zamami Village, so I do not have priority when there's enough teachers to fill all of those apartments. So I have to move before March 27th. Originally they offered me a choice between moving to teachers' housing on Aka or Geruma or taking a private house/apartment on Zamami (6-10x the price of teachers' housing), but a few days later I talked to the teachers on Aka and Geruma (who all knew about my impending move weeks before I did) and they said that their teachers' housing is also full. So I will be looking for a place (with the BoE's help) to live on Zamami.

I am not excited about this move at all. I love my current apartment - particularly the view. I peek out the windows at least a dozen times/day, checking out the happenings in the harbor and seeing what's happening at the port.  I'm unsure whether to be happy it'll only be four months or depressed that my last four months will be in a cave.

[the view I am so sad to be leaving]

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