Monday, March 26, 2012

Okiten 2012

I went to the Okiten art show this weekend for the judges' discussion of their choices and to see my print on display.  Unfortunately that was the highlight of the day.  The photography exhibit was awful.  Many of the displayed photos were nothing more than vacation snapshots and the others were out of focus, blurry, very noisy, and/or lacking contrast or any interesting color.  I felt insulted that my second entry was not chosen.  Based on what I could tell from the judge's discussions, they were only looking for a story to be told by the photo/series. Technical quality was of no importance, though composition was minimally addressed.  The girl I went to the show with was a photography major in college and she was equally upset by the choices - enough that she left to see the rest of the show because the judges were infuriating her.  I met the one other foreigner who had an entry accepted (and his were nice) and he was equally dismayed.  Of the 40-50 people who showed up to listen to the judges I'd guess that 60% of them were men over the age of 70.  The judges were all over 60, too, so that might explain something. And just to add insult to injury, the grand prize photo was blurry.  

[we got in trouble for taking this photo even though I granted myself permission to take a photo of my own photo]

On Sunday I had nothing to do until the evening so I eagerly accepted an invite to a post-triathlon BBQ of some military friends of mine in the area.  It was very strange, suddenly being surrounded by native English speakers and American food.

[these guys are big into beer]


[Things you don't get on Zamami.  Apparently all these home brews were really good.  I tried sips of each, but I think I am just incapable of making myself like beer.]

[In the evening I went to my friend, Hazel's, first solo art show.  It was pretty cool - and nice to see she had so much support.]


Setsuko said...

Yes, it was wonderful art show and the weather was perfect for a post-triathlon BBQ! Thanks for sharing!

Ken and Janet said...

Hi Dave,
This is Ken Kuivenhoven - we met in Firesteel SD and I've just gotten back home from my winter grounds (where I have no internet) and saw your comment on the blog from last November. I'm so sorry too take so long to get back with you!
Love the blog! Makes me miss Okinawa. I spent three years there stationed at Kadena AB and would probably still be there had the military not made me leave. It brings back fond memories of wonderful people and beautiful scenery.
Sorry to hear about your Springer. As I recall she had done a remarkable job for your group. Drop me a line sometime! I'm home for three months then back to South Dakota for Summer camp on the wild birds.

All the best,

Dave said...

Ken, my dad is very close to pulling the trigger on another dog. The only barrier is my mom, whom he will have to disregard to make the purchase. I am encouraging him to do it. If you get this send me an email and I'll send you a copy of my elk hunting story from this past year: