Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Business Opportunity

When I arrived in Japan I think the huge fad that was Billy's Boot Camp (a workout video) was tapering off.

Today I was talking to our new Zamami kindergarten teacher, who I've known for two months. Somehow running came up, because it always comes up, and I may have mentioned how far I ran this morning. She said, "I've heard about you!" (In the way you'd say to someone when meeting them for the first time.)

Here's how the conversation played out:

her: You're crazy, aren't you?
me: Uhh, how so?

I heard you did Billy's Bush Camp!
Eh? What is Billy's Bush Camp?

You go camping, too, right?
Yes, how do you know?

Didn't you, like, eat things, too?
[She makes a cutting motion on her arm.]
Wait! Do you mean hunting?



Jessica said...

You're famous! -J

Wren said...

I don't get how this becomes a business opportunity...

Dave said...

Sorry... that was a distant connection. Billy has Boot Camp, but I assume Billy's Bush Camp doesn't actually exist. So maybe I could write to him about this idea of elk hunting as a way to get Japanese housewives to stay fit.