Monday, December 22, 2008


Nobody from Geruma showed up at the Aka port this morning to pick me up. My JTE keeps track of how many times I am forgotten, I think this is seven. Sometimes they remember and get me while I am walking the 30 minutes it takes. Today I made it all the way.

[I saw this spotted eagle ray from the bridge - the second I've seen from that bridge and third total. Really cool considering they aren't very common.]

When I arrived, the school was closed. The "hooray!" feeling would be stronger if I had only invested the four-minute walk to Zamami school. But going to Geruma requires planning my morning (5:3oam wake up to run) around catching the 7:45am boat. Then, as in today's case, walking to Geruma. The next return boat was 12:15, which meant half my day "off" (it was a comp holiday for Saturday's culture presentation, which I attended - it's just nobody remembered to tell me we got a day off) was me being stranded.

I wasn't about to feel sorry for myself (well, not longer than 30 minutes), so I opted to do some much overdue Geruma exploration. I followed a road up, not expecting anything, but was pleasantly surprised to find a trail around the highest knob on the island.

[This trail, previously unknown, offered great views of Aka (foreground) and Zamami (backround, right)]

I saw three of the little black Kerama deer and also discovered a lime tree. I call them limes, Okinawans call them something else. But I grabbed a dozen, leaving many hundreds still on the tree.

I probably had a better day with a spontaneous schedule than I would have if I'd spent it on Zamami. (But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give the Geruma teacher a guilt trip.)

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Kristin said...

those "limes" are actually yuzu, a citrus fruit in eastern Asia. it's kind of like a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin. the rind and juice are used in cooking, although the fruit itself isn't really eaten. you can also buy yuzu juice to drink, which is quite good.