Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

Happy winter solstice! Today is the shortest day of the year, the first day of winter, and, as my friend Gordon says, the best day of the year because it only gets better from here.

It was a beautiful day here - sunny, warm, and calm. I ran 19k, then wore sunglasses while I ate breakfast on my balcony.

After talking to my parents for 1.5 hours I decided to make a long overdue kayak trip for some beach combing. I was specifically looking for one or two new planters (fishing crates) as well as a couple long 4x4's. I scored on both fronts on the NW beaches of Aka. The 4x4's will be used to raise half my planters about 5-6" to gain them some more sunlight. I also filled up two two-liter bottles with 'away from shore' saltwater for my salt-making operation.

And the sunset on the shortest day of the year:


Mom said...

The question we all want to know is - what is that in the bowl?

Dave said...

It's potatoes, onions, and green peppers with ketchup on top!