Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Pig Party

[the irony here did not escape me]

Zamami's annual Christmas Pig Party was last night. I've been looking forward to it since last year, when they gave away two round-trip passenger ferry tickets to Naha as first prize in the costume contest. That's about $100 value. I've had my eyes set on the 8-year-old girl who won in a princess costume. My goal, of course, was to take her down.

When I was in America in October I swiped a bunch of wrapping paper from my mom's collection. Last month in Naha I got a couple Christmasy items from the 100yen store. This week I went to the local store to get some big boxes and found out later those kanji signs that were on the boxes... were the names of the people the boxes were reserved for. Whoops.

I did well with limited time and had a pretty convincing victory. The prize was downgraded to one passenger ferry ticket this year, but that was just a bonus. It was so much fun having a homemade costume that everybody wanted in their photograph. Good times!

[How many of the seven French maids can you find?]


Laura said...

only four french maids. I love that some one is a godzilla costume.

So why do presents have to wear wigs?

Son of Higashi said...

I congratulate you on your victory and welcome you to the Brotherhood of Box Costumes.

*Halloween 2007