Wednesday, February 10, 2010

English Passports

Last April, at the beginning of the Japanese school year, I instituted an English Passport program. Every elementary student at my three schools got a laminated passport with their name on it. If they were able to complete the tasks of their respective grade level, they would get a certificate marking their achievement.

I also gave each class a large piece of paper with a [rough] translation of the passport tasks for their grade.

I've had about seven students complete the program, which is sorta depressing, but I also haven't pushed it as hard as I should have (since they have to complete the tasks outside of class - so during breaks). But this past week saw the first certificates get handed out. I wasn't able to get the principal's signature in time, but I was able to do the presentation in front of the whole school which elated the kids who received certificates.

This boy wrote in his class journal about receiving his certificate and how he wants to learn to speak English really well!


Mom said...

What a great, creative idea. I'm sure those 7 really appreciated the recognition and will inspire the others. Good job!

Dave said...

Yeah, there's still two months left on this year's term so I am still hoping that other kids will be inspired and finish off their passports before they move up a level in April.
(p.s. I'm not looking forward to making a whole new batch of them this year...)

naomi said...

ahahaha. dave, great idea! the boy also wrote in his journal that his certificate was written in English and he couldn't understand a word of it, but that he was very happy to have received it. :) :) :)