Friday, February 19, 2010

A Picture From the Archives

I went fishing last July from my kayak. It was a desolate year on the water fishing for anything but marlin. Mostly I just wanted to be outside; I'd kinda forgotten that a fish might actually strike. Then a barracuda did. It jumped a lot and created much excitement. When I landed the fish I wanted to release it because I don't like barracuda. But the hooks were embedded in a mouth full of long, sharp teeth. So I kept it to give away.

Back at the bike I struggled to figure out how to get the fish back 3km across the island. At about 16 pounds, it was too heavy to just carry. Fortunately the bike is rigged up for such encounters, so I just strapped the barracuda across the back.

I'd stopped taking a camera along on my fishing trips because I'd given up on catching anything. But on my way home another fisherman stopped and took some pictures of me. The next week I gave him my flash drive and asked for copies. I got the pictures back last week.. seven months later.

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