Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whale Watching

I went on four whale watching trips this weekend, holding to my promise to go on as many trips as possible to try to get some breach shots this year. It worked. As we were returning from Saturday morning's [breachless] trip, we encountered a lone whale that was going nuts:

He breached somewhere around 17 times (I lost count) in 10 minutes before another boat came onto the scene. Since that boat hadn't yet seen a breach we let them have him:

Upon returning to the port I found another boat leaving on a trip. I took a minute to use the bathroom before hopping on that boat (with no lunch) for the afternoon trip.

I did the same thing today, literally stepping off the morning boat and walking over and back onto an afternoon boat. Not so much breaching today (just one at the very beginning), but I had a better chance of getting good whale photographs from a boat than from my apartment!


Cliff said...

Man, you wanted a breach shot and now you have a bunch!

Dave said...

Yeah, no kidding. Now if I can just learn to Photoshop in a sunset..

ReBekha said...

Can I come next weekend?

*cheesy grin*

Dave said...

Sure.. but I won't be here. I'll be back March 13th.