Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tokashiki Marathon (as a warm-up for Sunday)

Yesterday's Tokashiki half-marathon was my first and only test this year before Tokyo. Tokashiki is a neighboring island in the Kerama chain, so Zamami sent a boat across for the ~20 participants from our side of the islands.

My training plan called for 16k (10 miles) at marathon pace, so I took the first 5k sorta slowish (25 minutes, 2.5 minutes off marathon pace), then stepped it up for the last 16k. I passed somewhere around 40 people to finish in 27th place (of 380, I think). My time was 1:34.57, which is almost exactly marathon pace, which means I ran the last 16k 2.5 minutes too fast.

[my friend Cliff set his half-marathon PR with a 2:15, beating his goal by 15 minutes!]

With the exception of the usual stomach roiling and adjustments in the first 5k, I felt super. I cruised through the finish line with no aches and my heart rate dropped back below 100 within minutes. It was a promising tune-up for Tokyo.

[my certificate]

[the elevation chart for the hilliest run in Okinawa]

Here were my numbers:
Distance: 21.1k/13.1 miles
Time: 1:34.57
Heart Rate Average: 165
Heart Rate Range: 74 - upper 180's
Ascent/Descent: 1500 feet (~480m)
High Point: 682 feet (~310m)
(Just for comparison, the ascent/descent of the FULL Tokyo Marathon from last year was 320'.)


Then today I still had my long run of the week at 32k (20 miles). I woke up to and began running in rain and heavy winds. I didn't run hard, just got the miles in. I put my head down and focused on this being the last big run of the year. It rained for the first 2:20 before clearing up for the final 20 minutes. It felt pretty darn good to finish this run and complete 53k (33 miles) within the last 24 hours).

Distance: 32k/20miles
Time: 2:39.48
HR avg: 144
HR range: 88-166
Ascent/Descent: 1390'
High Point: 259'

Now, the taper: the best three weeks of running this year.

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