Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Next Superbowl Party at School?

A couple weeks ago I wrote about some new electronics all my schools would be getting (and that I was a little frustrated I couldn't get $150 to buy some useful English books). This week the gear arrived:

[Aka's school, which has 27 students, received eight new computers and nine 52" televisions]

[When I walked into the computer room today everything was
set up and the room smelled like a new car]

[Yugo, the only student in his class, is dwarfed both in size and value by his new tv]

Yugo's teacher speaks English pretty well so I was able to have a conversation with her about the new equipment. She started in with "What a waste of tax money!" I asked what she intended to do with the tv and she said she hadn't come up with anything yet. She also told me the televisions cost $5000/apiece and were funded federally. She ended the conversation by pointing at the windows and saying "all I really want is curtains..."

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Mom said...

And we thought WE had problems with allocations of stimulus funds!!!!