Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Sample Schedule

I was so busy last week that I hardly had time for my visiting friend, Wren. The reasoning was a bit ironic: that my busy schedule developed out of not having anyone around. He suggested that I do a post on my schedule, so I'll summarize last week:

day: 3 classes (one junior high, 1/2/3 elementary combined, and cinnamon bread baking with 6th grade)
night: eisa drumming practice 7:30-9pm
Also, the teacher who scheduled the bread baking only gave me 45 minutes, so (idea credit: Wren) I actually started a different batch an hour earlier so they could make their dough then skip straight to the next step. But I had to stay after school (until 5) to finish their bread, then go home and finish my bread.

3 classes (one junior high then 2 periods with the other junior high baking cinnamon rolls)
night: taiko drumming practice 6:30-8pm

1 class, then the rest of the day was spent preparing for Thursday's graduation
night: baseball 6:30-9pm

graduation, then a luncheon, then hang out in the teacher's room until I could leave at 4pm
night: taiko drumming 5-8pm, also baked bread (started at 4pm, finished at 9:45pm)

2 classes (elementary 4/5 and 6)
night: 7pm party, 7:30-9pm eisa drumming

Usually I have more classes in a week, but this was graduation week. And usually I have less evening activities, but we have a big performance on March 28th. And usually I run four weekday mornings, but this week was just two.

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