Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Tokyo Marathon Numbers

If you saw my last post before the marathon then maybe you already saw this, which was a real-time breakdown of my 5k splits on the Tokyo Marathon website. At the bottom of that page, the third link leads you to a video of me crossing the finish line.

I woke up the day before the marathon and my watch was dead. At the marathon expo, my friend Wren suggested I hit up the Suunto booth, which I did. They opened up a brand new battery, installed it right there, and sent me on my way. Awesome. But some of the settings got reset - like heart rate limits (above/below 160/140) - and I didn't fix them in time.

Official time: 3:19.49
Chip time: (don't have it yet, but it should be around 3:18.55)
Watch time: 3:19.48

Heart rate average: 174 beats per minute
Heart rate range: 81-194

Ascent: 320' (~100 meters)
Descent: 330' (~110 meters) (barometric pressure played a part here because descent should have eclipsed ascent by over 100')
High: 167' (~50m)
Low: 26' (~6m)

5k time breakdown (taken from the website, all within 2 seconds of my watch times)
0-5k: 24:06
5-10k: 22:59
10-15k: 23:14
15-20k: 23:40
20-25k: 23:21
25-30k: 23:52
30-35k: 24:18
35-40k: 24:18

10k time breakdown
0-10k: 47:05
10-20k: 46:54
20-30k: 47: 13
30-40k: 48: 36

Half breakdown
1st half: 1:39.11
2nd half: 1:40.37

Heart rate breakdown :cumulative average (spot HR)
0k: 81 (81)
5k: 157 (166)
10k: 163 (173)
15k: 166 (171)
20k: 167 (176)
25k: 169 (179)
30k: 170 (178)
35k: 172 (181)
40k: 173 (184)
42.195k: 174 (193)
I hit the high of 194 about 30 seconds before the finish line.

I spent a lot more time watching my heart rate during this race than checking my times. I tried to spend much of the first half of the marathon under 170bpm. It was interesting how easily I could tell when I was too high. I'd check and say "yep, 172.. take it down, Dave." At the halfway point I moved my threshold up to 175, then 180 at 30k. At 35k, everything was fair game, as that 194bpm recording exhibits. It's pretty amazing I reached such a high number. Ordinarily heart rates that high are reserved for short bursts/sprints, so I must have been pushing hard.

Here are some pictures of the Tokyo Marathon swag (and I assume a certificate is in the mail):

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