Sunday, March 1, 2009

Running Log 2/23-3/1

2/23 off
2/24 off
2/25 off
2/26 3k
2/27 5k
2/28 13k 1:11.45
2/29 11k 1:21.36

Quads were really sore this week. I should've run on Tuesday and Wednesday according to the training plan, but my legs were not amused with the training plan. No worries, I'm back on track after my 'recovery' week. Today I ran with some people who were out for the weekend - Roy, Cliff, and Eri. This was the first time I have run with anybody on Zamami. The pace was slow for me (and good for recovery purposes), but it was nice to have some company.

In case you missed it in last week's running log, which was posted moments before the Okinawa City Marathon race report, I bought my plane tickets to Tokyo. My knee doesn't hurt and my legs even feel good. For the first time this season I am optimistic about a race.

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