Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Running Log 3/16 - 3/22

3/16 off
3/17 4k
3/18 5k
3/19 off
3/20 off
3/21 3k
3/22 42.195k, 3:19.48

You may remember way back here when I started posting these weekly running logs. With the exception of a couple weeks in October and January when I didn't run, I posted the distances every day of every week. Probably nobody has been paying attention, but if you have you've seen what it takes to go from running little to achieving a 3:19 marathon. There was no other training beyond what was posted on this blog.

Here are some other numbers from the last year of running:

4, 2008: 127k
5/2008: 82k
6/2008: 85k
7/2008: 104k
8/2008: 57k
9/2008: 261k
10/2008: 122k
11/2008: 218k
12/2008: 265k
1/2009: 103k
2/2009: 174k
3/2009: 92k
Total: 1690k

I ran on 176 days of the last year.

If you don't run because you think it's boring, I promise you it could be worse. I have two routes to choose from: I ran my 13k route 53 times in the last year, my 8k route 65 times. All of my other distances were variations of these two routes.

My slowest time on the 13k route was 1:12.50 on September 23rd. My fastest time was 58.43.4 on December 6th.

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