Saturday, July 25, 2009


(Canada homestay families: Scroll down to see photos of Aka and Geruma. I'll post Zamami photos tomorrow.)

As of July, 2009, Aka has a population of 297 people: 157 males and 140 females. There are roads to a famous beach on the north side and another that crosses the island to the west. Much of the land to the NW is inaccessible except by water. Tourism and fishing are important to Aka's economy, just as they are on Geruma and Zamami. This time of year the hotels are quite full and the dive boats are out every day.

[Aka's port: the ferries stop at both Zamami and Aka]

[Aka village, as seen from the bridge]

[Aka school - about 37 students attend]

[Aka village as seen from a southerly observatory]

[Shisa: an Okinawan traditional sculpture that is supposed to keep away spirits - they come in a male/female pair and the male's mouth is always open]

[Aka's post office]

[Aka's store]

[the ferry leaving Aka; there's also a smaller passenger ferry that makes two-three trips/day]

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