Monday, July 13, 2009

Scenes From My Balcony

Pictures taken from my balcony during the last week:

[Every windy weekend, the kids (as young as 6!) take out the sailboats]

[I took this picture for the unusual greenness of the water, but can you tell me why the water has that white blotch? Leave your guess in the comments section]

[A very expensive yacht mooring for the night]


Anna said...

A reef?

Dave said...

It's not a reef, but that sure would make navigation through the marina interesting if it was!

No, the ferry that is on the right had just come into the port and used its bow thrusters to turn around before docking. The bow thrusters kicked up all the sediment on the bottom and made that white cloud.

But being the only contestant, you are the winner, Anna. (you're just always number one with me, aren't you?)