Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Healthy Reward

I've been delaying it for no good reason at all, but this morning I finally went on my first run of the year (2008/2009 season). It was a very good decision.

At the beginning of my run there is are some 40m wide steps down to the ocean. Many tourists hang out there nightly lighting fireworks, drinking, and listening to the waves lap. As I was running through I glanced down and saw that folded paper above. I initially ran past, but then thought "wait, I know what that is!" and I went back and grabbed it.

It's a 1δΈ‡ or 10,000 yen note, loosely valued around $100USD. I thought all morning about what a bummer it must have been to have lost it. I asked a few people and ultimately told the village office, but it seemed a foregone conclusion among all consulted that the money is mine to keep. This makes up for the $6 in coins I lost out of my pocket last Friday.

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Mom & Dad said...

Lucky you! Now you can take us out to dinner in Oct. :-)