Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse

For four/five months I've been looking forward to photographing today's solar eclipse, the longest of this century. I plotted for the last few days where I wanted to be - basing this on my preferred foreground - and this morning I left 2 hours early to get there. I kayaked out to a small island off the NW coast of Zamami, then waited.

Unfortunately Zamami was a little bit off from the 'full eclipse' route, so, although it dimmed, the sun was still a pretty bright force. Also, I don't really know how to photograph a solar eclipse (last night's Google search revealed I am also lacking a key filter).

[that ring - a signature of the eclipse - was about as much as I could get]

But while I was waiting for the eclipse, I looked over at the shore and spotted some rogue banana trees up a remote ravine. Who knows how they got there, but I know nobody's checking on them. So afterwards I kayaked over and crawled through the brush. They're a bit old (4-5m tall), but they're still producing! Most of the bananas weren't big enough to be edible, but I spied two bunches that I thought might be worth the effort. Now.. to figure out how to get them down.

On my way back through the forest I found a glass fishing float just sitting in the brush. My fourth this year!

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