Monday, July 6, 2009

Project(s): Sewing

I had a pretty lazy weekend of just getting stuff done. So not lazy. But lazy because I didn't go fishing. Two of my projects were sewing related: to fix the crotch tears in three pairs of pants (I've been surviving off 2.5 (one of the holes was half-passable) pairs of pants for weeks) and to finish sewing little bags to hold 10 sea glass pieces to be used in class bingo games.

I sorta wanted to complete the bingo pouch project all on my own, but with my friend Emina over and willing to sew (and this project entering its sixth uncompleted month), I relented. She's twice as fast and twice as good as me, too.

[We have 14 of them completed now, which will cover all but one of my classes]

[Ryukyu (Okinawan) fabric, handsewing, glass from Zamami's beaches]

[life extended]


Wren said...

and twice as cute...easily.

Anonymous said...


Is she your girl friend or your wife?

Dave said...

Just my friend. I'm single..