Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zamami From Above

[Homestay families: Pictures of Aka and Geruma are below. More pictures of Zamami will be coming over the next two days. If you are reading this, please leave a comment so I know you got your letter!]

Zamami has a population of 593: 278 females and 313 males. An aerial view of Zamami (and the Keramas) can be seen here. Zamami has the main village, seen below, and two smaller communities around the corners in both directions. It's really beautiful here, as you can see.

[Zamami at 7am]

[Many of those multi-story buildings are hotels/pensions and are easily the primary income source for the community. The school is at the bottom of the photograph]

[From the road that leads to the famed Furuzamami Beach. The school is on the right]

[Furuzamami Beach]

[From behind the village. That's Aka straight ahead, Geruma is to the left]

[From within the village]

[Looking east]

[Looking east over the marina]

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