Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zamami From Within

[Homestay families, are you out there?]

[Zamami's 105 Store gets a surprising amount of business]

[The store's parking lot. Bikes and scooters are really popular here because they are easy for short trips, they are fuel efficient, and the roads are tight]

[One of the half-dozen restaurants on Zamami]

[The main intersection in the middle of the village]

[Zamami's post office]

[The school]

[Orion beer is Okinawa's beer and there is a lot of pride in it - one of the most famous eisa (Okinawan drumming) songs is about this beer]

[A new pension/hotel - there are probably 20+ guesthouses on Zamami]



Son of Higashi said...

Re: Orion

In fact, the first part of the title of the song, "Oji jiman," means "Old man's pride."

Anonymous said...


I would like to see white corals undaer the sea. Kerama Islands is famous for white corals.

Anyway, these are beautiful pictures about Zamami. Good job!! I love you.

Dave said...

Anonymous, I love you, too. I would also like to have pictures of the coral under the sea. Unfortunately my camera gets sick when I put it underwater. Until I find a cure for the saltwater, we'll have to settle for land-based pictures. Do you have any 'above-the-sea' requests?

Anonymous said...

To Dave,

All right. But when you have a chance, please show us beautiful white corals under the sea. I'm really interested in white corals in Okinawa.

By the way, I like your big smile holding an Orion beer. Your mustache is saikou and you are soooo cute!!! I was almost fall in love with you.

Dave said...

I will do my best to get some white coral.. if you have a picture of what you have in mind that would be great! (because all I am thinking of is bleached/dead coral.)

I'm glad you like the picture of the guy holding the Orion. I will tell him you said so. Unfortunately that's not me.

Son of Higashi said...

For what it's worth, Anonymous, I know Dave in real life and he's a handsome guy.

Dave said...

Waaay more handsome than the guy with the Orion beer...

emima said...

both! both!!