Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Marlin Season, Trips 1 and 2

I know I've had a good weekend when I've only been at my apartment long enough to take a shower and sleep.

We left yesterday at 7:30am and returned last night at 6pm, one 100kg marlin in the boat and three others that hit but didn't get hooked.  It was a solid first day on the water for the year.  The marlin we caught had been foul-hooked and he jumped quite a bit which created a lot of excitement.  Eventually he died while we were fighting him, so the poor guy who was on the pole had to reel in a sideways dead fish (which is much harder than reeling in a live fish, which will eventually swim with you as you reel him in).  Sort of like tying a 220 lb. rock to your line and dropping it into 300m of water, then reeling it back.  It took 1 hour, 25 minutes to complete the fight.


[the fish was foul-hooked in the back]

[the fish in his insulated blanket filled with ice]

Today we were at it again at 7:30am and we dropped the lines around 8:15am.  We had our first hit - a big jumper - at 9:10am.  Second at 9:40am, Third at 10:40am.  But the third got hooked, so we were on!  It was a good fight, though it seemed like the fish might be small or weak because of the ease of retrieve.  But he turned out to be 130kg, which is respectable (average, really, but better than the 60kg we thought he might be!).  It took 50 minutes to get him in.  We had three more hits today for a total of 5 hits and one fish.  I am next in line for being on the pole for a marlin so it'll have to wait until next weekend.

 [Naoki with his 130kg marlin]

[See how bright blue the marlin's back is?  That happens when these fish die.  It's actually quite pretty, if you can get past the death part.]

[another boat from Naha brought in a 120kg marlin and donated it to our cleaning party]

[it took us about 1.5 hours to process the 350kg (550lbs) of marlin tonight]

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Mom said...

Wow - congratulations! So, does everyone on the boat share in the catch?