Thursday, April 1, 2010


My friend Emina sent me a message yesterday saying she is going to Fukuoka soon and she wanted to know if I wanted to buy a 25kg bag of flour off her (for 6000 yen, or $64).  I quickly did some math and said yes.  And out of curiosity, anybody out there know how much 50lbs. of bread flour would cost in America?

[It was slightly cheaper in the long run to buy the 25kg bag, but much easier than having to order six 1kg bags every couple weeks and listen to the teachers, who pick up my food most weeks, complain about the weight of my order]

When I picked it up I inquired to Emina how came into a 25kg bag of flour.  She said she ordered it off the internet, to which I said, "why are you selling this to me?"  She said "I ordered it for you!"  Huh?  "Yeah," she continued, "I had to order two bags to get free shipping and didn't have time to ask you, but I knew you'd want one."


Wren said...

Three cheers for Emina!!

jkmtbiker said...

About $16 for the 50# bag when I was at Costco today. Let me know if you come up with any cheap shipping ideas and I'll box you up a bag :-). Looks like there are big changes coming for your points in WA, keep an eye on WDFW for updates.

Dave said...

Thanks John! Wow.. only $16? Food is so cheap in America.

Maybe if my parents come visit next year I'll have them each bring along a bag as one of their checked bags. :)

Mom said...

Ha - you want us to each bring 50# of flour??!!! Just for the record, I bought 5# bags of flour on sale at The Market this weekend for 99 cents each!!