Sunday, April 18, 2010


Every year around this time we have the lowest of the low tides of the year, so we take a half-day off school and all go out in the afternoon to collect all the stranded shellfish.  I don't really know what they look like and I'd feel guilty competing with the old people, so I just take pictures:

[one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, fortunately they only bite if you force them to]


katecoloredglasses said...

omf, habu! was it alive?

Dave said...

That's actually not a habu, but a coral snake. Habu aren't very dangerous, as snakes go. You'd want to go to the hospital if bitten, but you'd be okay. Coral snakes.. you'll be lucky to survive, especially on Zamami where you'll have to wait for a helicopter (with the anti-venom). Fortunately you have to almost coax them to bite, so they're not considered much of a threat to humans.
There were two of these snakes together and yes, they were both alive and swimming around the rock under my feet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, is that black and white snake habu??? Okinawa is famous for habu.
Oh, kowa~i!!!