Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Kayak Trip Abroad

Today was my first kayak venture [this year] outside the main island chain.  We were supposed to go marlin fishing, but stupid customers came to busy the marlin captain so I was on my own.  I was excited to get over to Yakabi because usually the first trip of the year yields some good beach treasure.  As I pulled in to the beach I noted the waves were significant enough to pay attention.  I timed my entry and thought I had done well, but I hadn't.  A wave rolled the kayak and my stuff went everywhere.  Immediately another wave nailed me.  My fishing rod was tied to my kayak so I saved that first, then scavenged the paddle and pushed the cumbersome kayak towards shore to get it going away from the waves.  I lost a flip-flop in the ruckus, but managed to grab my camera bag, food bag, and lures as they were all floating out to sea.  The zorrie and both my water bottles floated away.  :(

I was sorta stuck at this point, with only one piece of footwear, no water to drink, and waves too big to scale to get back to sea easily.  I assessed my situation: I wasn't thirsty and I wanted another zorrie.  So I went about my planned beach scavenging trip and found a replacement zorrie within 3 minutes.  Unfortunately that was the highlight of all the beaches walked today.

Next I attacked the 'getting back to sea' part.  It was too rough where I was so I decided to drag my kayak 200 meters (see above picture - I came from that BIG rock in the center) to a place out of the wind.  When I got there I found both my water bottles!  Obviously a collection point for beach garbage, I stuck around another hour hoping my zorrie would show up.  It didn't.  :(

[my kayak with water bottles (right) where I found them]

[No idea why the one on the right leaked?]

[A China and a Chaco]

I fished another two hours after getting back to sea and had one fish come up and splash around my lure but no solid hookup.  Then I kayaked 2 hours into the wind home and now I'm dead tired.  The blog will be busy this week with more pre-disaster kayak trip photos and Saturday wedding photos.  Come back!


ReBekha said...

ouch! That sounds frustrating. I take it you have a waterproof camera bag. :)

Dave said...

Yea, everything is in dry bags. I actually lost my first DSLR to saltwater leakage inside one dry bag so now the camera always gets at least two. A Pelican box would be better, but they're expensive and bulky.