Monday, April 26, 2010

Tomoko and Iyo

The bride and the groom are from mainland Japan, but they met while working seasonal jobs on Zamami two years ago.  They both stayed longer than a season - maybe a year each - before getting engaged and then going to work in Australia for six months.  They came back recently to fulfill a promise of having a wedding ceremony on Zamami.  I met the girl (Tomoko) through the eisa group.  Her English was decent at the time, now both are much better after their time in Australia.

I had grand notions of rocking the photography for them, but it just didn't pan out.  I will admit to being in a bad mood for the first hour, after taking the advice of 3-4 people to wear a suit, then discovering that I was the ONLY person there in a suit (not even the fathers were wearing them!).  I had the discomfort of the suit compounded by the discomfort of standing out.  And I need to be comfortable to photograph well, I learned.

I wasn't very happy with the photos, but here's the best of them:

I found out after the wedding that they are staying on Zamami.  I really love these two so this makes me very happy.  Also, I found out she's one month pregnant!  Maybe I can have better luck photographing their baby?

Two notable events from the wedding:

*They did a 'game' where everybody who was in attendance had their name in a box.  The bride and groom randomly drew out names and those people had to come give a speech.  Yep, I was one of the four chosen.  This was one of the situations I've learned it is probably better to use my English than practice my Japanese, and I'm glad I did.

*It was a little windy for the bouquet toss so they did something I've never seen before (I'm not exactly a seasoned wedding attendee, however): The bride held 15 long red ribbons in her hand, one of which was tied to the bouquet.  On her count of three everybody pulled their ribbon - and the winner of the next marriage was attached to the bouquet.

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