Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shooting My Bow

Last year when I returned from America, I brought with me a [new] take-down recurve bow that fits nicely in my backpack.  I spent too much time setting up foam fishing floats on the beach for target practice - and watching them blow away while aiming - before finding two plywood-size sheets of 4" foam (on the beach, of course) and setting up a shooting range in the forest.  Now I have a super setup, hidden and protected from the elements.

[I'm aiming for that 4" black dot out there.  At this distance I usually get 4/5 of my arrows within 3" of it - not as accurate as I want to be but I'm getting better every day]

Why am I practicing with a bow here?  For goats, but also to be prepared to partake in more bow-hunting back in the U.S. someday.  I have hunted with a compound bow before, but am really intrigued by the more traditional (non-mechanical) recurve.  Of the notable differences between the two, the most obvious is that traditionals don't employ mechanics to make the pull-back and holding of the string easier.  Also, traditional bows [usually] don't employ sights - aiming is done by instinct.  My bow is a 60# bow, which is on the upper end of most recurves.

[For three days in a row this past week I took my dinner to the beach for a little target practice and sunset watching while eating.  It was so nice and reminded me I need to eat more meals away from the internet]

So when I taught Mariko to shoot the bow today it was quite amusing.  A strong man will have trouble with a 60# bow until he masters the motion of the pull-back, so a petite girl doesn't stand a chance.  Mariko could only pull the string back far enough that, upon release, the arrow would lob about 4 meters before bouncing on the ground.  If she had target practiced at me I could have caught the arrow before it reached me.  But it was still really fun - for her to learn and me to teach.

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DH said...

Dave, good to meet you today!!! Looks like you have an awesome life here man!! I'll be hitting the beach for fishing and beers tomorrow all day....come join me!!!

ALSO, when you come to the mainland....let me know!

AND, I've got two wooden recurve bows that were my grandad's. He was a huge bow hunter. I sense that you are a Country Boy as well. Kindred!