Friday, April 30, 2010


I woke up at 4am and started kayaking just before 5am.  I was heading back to Yakabi Island, where I went last Sunday and lost my zorrie in a flipped-kayak melee.  Last night's full moon combined with a rising tide and low wind gave me a lot of hope that I might find a fish to bring home.

[it looks small, but really I'm just big]

But the first three hours of fishing proved fruitless so I went in to a southern beach to begin working my way back northwards in search of the missing zorrie.  No luck on the first beach, but after I successfully escaped its surf I threw a couple casts and nailed a 10lb. rainbow runner (スムブリ) that put up an impressive fight.  I was really psyched as this could very well be the only fish I catch this year (my two-year average is somewhere around 1.5/yr) from a kayak.

There were lots of reasons why my zorrie would not be found - a waxing moon means ever-increasing tides this week so beach trash has trouble staying on beaches, it had been a week since I lost the zorrie, the ocean is big, there are currents in the ocean, the zorrie is black - but I defied all of those and found it resting right-side-up just about 30m from where I lost it.

[back to two Chacos]

[dinner tonight: blackened sashimi (thanks Palau for the recipe!)]

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Saxtor said...

I must say, the amazing conclusion to your thong saga, coupled with your delicious sashimi reward made this viewer quite happy.